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My Family

My family is as important to me as milk is for a crying baby...speaking of crying babies, we have one of those. Bella is 8-9 months old and she is quite the cute little girl. Many people say that you don't want your child to be crawling because they get into everything. That is 110% true with Bella, but she is so much more fun now that she is crawling around so I am happy that she isn't just a crying bump on a log anymore.

My wife and I have been married for over 2 years now, and boy oh boy, was that one of the few fantastic choices that I have made in my life. We have had so much joy in our marriage that it isn't even fair. We met in a church activities group while attending college in Idaho. Once we met, we started having fun with each other and haven't looked back since.

Residual Income

My Passions

If you haven't noticed any of my passions yet, I need to make a better website. The first thing is helping other people. Growing up in the family I did, we have had many opportunities to serve others, and I have also had the opportunity to be a service missionary for two years, volunteering and teaching in any way I could. Through all of these various activities, I have recognized a joy that comes from serving others and seeing the joy on their face.

Another passion of mine is generating passive or residual income as well as earning multiple streams of income. I've recognized that my lifestyle and time freedom are more important than a lot of other things in life and passive income is the best way to accomplish those goals.

Combine these two primary passions, and this website is what you get. I want to help people succeed in what they are doing so that it can create a lifetime of freedom. Income is meant to create a life, not just make a living.

Join the journey, reach out to me on the contact page and ask me questions and lets talk about what success looks like for you.

This Website

This website is meant to help you in any way to generate multiple streams of income. Mindset, methods, tools, and opportunities.

Income should be used to make a life, and I believe the best way to do that is build multiple streams of passive income. This way, you can build your dreams rather than just make a living at a job.

I've been told that a job stands for Just Over Broke. And it makes sense, the less money your boss pays you, the more money he or she makes.

As I said, I find joy in helping others, so I would be so happy to see someone make a ton of money from anything I teach or help.



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