2 Principles that allow the freedom to ride dirt bikes every day

2 Proven Principles That Allow Me to Ride My Dirtbike Whenever I Want

If you are anything like me, you want the freedom to ride your dirt bike pretty much everyday if you could. Am I right? But, often times, the need for paying bills and adult responsibilities doesn’t allow that. If you are lucky, you get to split Saturday and Sunday between riding, yard work, other chores, time […]

The One Secret for Any Successful Business

The One Secret for Making Any Successful Business

I sat there reflecting – long and hard I might add – which is hard for someone like me that wants to constantly be going, on my dirt bike, running, mountain biking, or whatever else might be going on. I was reflecting and thinking about what was missing in all the businesses I had ventured […]

where does success come from

Where Does Success Come From?

For the longest time, society has taught that to find success, you work your way through the basic education system making sure you get good grades so you can get into college. Then you go to college to gain some real intelligence or skills, making sure you get good grades, so you can either go […]

positive mindset

4 Ironclad Steps to Develop a Positive Mindset This Month

Gaining time freedom and success in the world of entrepreneurship is not a one-step, or one size fits all type of matter. There is not only one way to get there – there are a lot of beliefs on what it takes to get there – but one thing is pretty consistent, and that is […]

New Month New You - 5 Tips to Reaching Your Goals

New Month, New You

5 Tips to Get Back on Track With Your Goals It seems to be very widely accepted to start a new year with goals, or resolutions as we often call them. What is it about January 1st that drives people to make these new goals and pursue them with such conviction? Afterall, a “year” as we call […]