Christmas Tree Cutting and Entrepreneurship

My wife and I have made it one of our traditions to cut down a Christmas Tree each year.

This year, I talk entrepreneurship and time freedom while we are out.

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Positive Thinking Will Change Your Life

Check out my video talking about my latest blog post. 

The lesson I learned at Lindsay Stirling's concert was so powerful to me that I wanted to share more how it can effect your life, how it can effect your health, and your wealth.

Adopt this mindset to be more successful in generating multiple streams of income and achieving time freedom.

Mitch Adams – Income to Make a Life Introduction

Check out my brand new video introducing me and what I am doing online, some dirt bike clips, and sharing my passions.

I'm passionate about helping other young people generate multiple streams of income, and I am doing that through building an online presence with videos, blogs, training, classes, tips, and tricks.

Dirt Bike Day at the Track – Time Freedom

This video was taken a long time ago at a track in Rexburg, Idaho. My friend Justin Taysom wanted to test out some video stuff and I like riding so it worked out great.

Let's go ride together sometime. When you create passive income, the time freedom that comes to do whatever you want is extremely relieving. A bad day riding is better than a good day working for someone else.